EDEN SEED - a different Brazilian heavy/thrash metal band

EDEN SEED – a different Brazilian heavy/thrash metal band

EDEN SEED is the new band that has, among its members, guitarist Gisele Marie Rocha, that gained notoriety in the media for a non-musical reason: Gisele is the only muslim guitarist wearing niqab in the world. This made her appear constantly in media channels such as PortalG1 (Brazil), NewYork Post (United States), BBC (England), LeTemps (France), IndiaTimes (India) and many others.

Despite the fact that the band has a member who is Muslim, EDEN SEED is not an Islamic or religious band, since the other musicians of the band are not Muslim and follow different philosophies.

Founded in 2016 by Gisele Marie Rocha, EDEN SEED approaches heavy/thrash metal music with diverse and eclectic artistic influences.

The official release of the band happened on June 29, 2016, in São Paulo (Brazil) and, after the first show, EDEN SEED released the single Rising Up, featuring the songs RETURN and SPIRITS IN HELL, and the official Return music video, consolidating the name of the band and concluding the year 2016 as the newest revelation of Brazilian heavy metal.

They started 2017 with the release of Maria Candelária, single with a new version of the traditional Brazilian carnival "marchinha", and recorded Age of Creation, the first full-length album of the band, that was release on April 24, 2018. It’s the first heavy/thrash metal act in the world recorded by a muslim guitarist who uses islamic clothing known as the niqab, leaving only her eyes visible.

The album features ten songs in the metal style of bands such as Judas Priest, Sepultura and Ozzy Osbourne - but also goes further, bringing together eclectic influences from electronic music, country music (with the special participation of Brazilian guitarist Guto Vighi) and even brazilian rhythms. The names of both the album and the band are references to the movie Noah, based on the traditional stories about the flood, and the songs feature lyrics full of social and political criticism.

Blending distinct artistic and cultural elements to its powerful thrash metal, full of eclectics musical influences, EDEN SEED always presents unique concerts that are not repeated, which certainly more surprising than the fact that the band has a Muslim guitarist who use niqab.

Vinicius Manchado Martins - vocal

Gisele Marie Rocha (guitar)

Pedro Ferreira (bass)

Marcos Henrique (drums)

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Return - track 1 from AGE OF CREATION

Between Life And Death - track 3 from AGE OF CREATION

Peace Be With You - track 6 from AGE OF CREATION

Romaria (by Renato Teixeira) - bonus track from AGE OF CREATION

NO VIOLENCE - previous song from the album AGE OF CREATION

This is a video that a dear friend filmed during the EDEN SEED rehearsal on February 25, 2017.
Just warm up for the band rehearsal, you know? =)
But, I liked. It was really cool! =)


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