quinta-feira, 31 de dezembro de 2015

Happy New Year!!! =D

2015 foi realmente um ano intenso, em que boas coisas aconteceram sim, mas ao mesmo tempo um ano difícil para o nosso planeta.

Mas devemos olhar para o futuro sempre com otimismo, então eu desejo que 2016 seja um ano abençoado e com muita paz e alegria para todos, tá bom? =)

Vejo vocês por aqui em 2016!!!

2015 was a really intense year, when good things happened, yes, but at the same time a difficult year for our planet.

But we must always look to the future with optimism, so I wish that 2016 be a blessed year and with peace and happiness for everyone, okay? =)

I see you here in 2016 !!!

Salam =)

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  1. hi gisele, i'm from indonesia. i am so proud of you, here in indonesia there is so many band with genre islamic metal, and i love that genre too, but no one have guts to wear a purdah like you do. but you where in a country that islam is minority you have a great brave to use purdah and show to the world that purdah is not something that make the user must rejected by they comunity use to be. i'm so proud islam have you...