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EDEN SEED: GISELE MARIE mentioned in lecture about false myths created in relation to Muslim Women

Laure Rodriguez Quiroga is a Spanish writer who recently published an interesting book in which she talks about the false myths and stereotypes related to Muslim women, as well as telling the story of Muslim women from all over the world who contradict these false myths and stereotypes.

People associate the situation of women within the Islamic religion with oppression, sexual violence and lack of civil and human rights, and this serious problem is a global problem, embedded in all human societies, that is independent of nationality or religion.

In addition, Laure Rodríguez Quiroga presents to the public, life stories of Muslim women who show strength, and who show that this is not their exclusive problem, but a problem for women around the world, and we need to stop this problem.

Supported by the REDESTRUCTURA FEMINIST network, Laure Rodríguez Quiroga will present an event on April 28, 2017 in Spain, whose title is the same as her book FALSOS MITOS DE LA MUJER EL EL ISLAM.

This event aims to promote a talk and a conversation about it, in addition to raising funds for the judicial defense of a woman who has been a victim of sexist violence.

The poster of this event has the image of EDEN SEED guitarist GISELE MARIE ROCHA, whose image and history is always been cited by Laure in his presentations and lectures.

Showing that it is possible to be a free Muslim Woman, Gisele comments on Laure mentioning her story in her works:

"I feel honored to have my image chosen to represent an event like this. This project comes in favor my own ideas and, after all, I have always defended the breaking of paradigms, and especially the fight against the stereotype, which is so harmful to the establishment of healthy human relations nowadays, and only foments violence, exclusion, and injustice.

I didn’t really know that the writer Laura Rodríguez Quiroga, from Spain, uses my videos and photos in her lectures and in her acting! This makes me very happy and it's a personal part of my job that's really rewarding."

Access the event page on Facebook and check out more information:

You can read an interview with Laure, where she talks about her work and quotes guitarist Gisele Marie Rocha at the following link:

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