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EDEN SEED - Review about RISING UP EP on Metal Samsara


O excelente site METAL SAMSARA publicou uma resenha sobre o EP RISING UP, do EDEN SEED, esta semana. O RISING UP foi lançado em 2016 e portanto ainda conta com a formação anterior da banda.

Eu gostei muito da análise do METAL SAMSARA, embora eu discorde de algumas coisas. EDEN SEED é de fato uma banda de thrash metal e, sim sim, nós temos muitas influências do heavy metal tradicional, mas a banda é realmente eclética e o segredo da inovação está na mistura de elementos que nós fazemos. E isto vai ser comprovado especialmente através do trabalho da nova formação do EDEN SEED.

Mas eu gostei da resenha, e agradeço a todos do METAL SAMSARA por isto, tá bom? =)

The excellent site METAL SAMSARA has published a review about EDEN SEED's EP RISING UP this week. RISING UP was released in 2016 and therefore still counts on the previous line up of the band.

I really liked the SAMSARA METAL analysis, although I disagree with some things. EDEN SEED is indeed a thrash metal band and yes, we have many influences from traditional heavy metal, but the band is really eclectic and the secret of innovation lies in the mix of elements we make. And this will be especially proven through the work of the new EDEN SEED line up.

But I liked the review, and thank you all METAL SAMSARA for this, okay? =)

"Well, Heavy Metal and all its variations are a universal language, which reach fans of all kinds. It's precisely this universality that does us all so well.

Proving this universality, we have EDEN SEED, from São Paulo, a traditional Metal band with a very good job, as the EP "Rising Up" is here to prove.

What we have in the EP: a quartet doing a work based on traditional Metal with something of Thrash Metal in some parts, a good dose of melody and weight. The songs are creative, the melodic lines very good, and a bass and drums heavyweight work, in a solid rhythmic kitchen and worked to the right measure, as well as extremely virtuous guitars, with heavy and solid riffs and very well made solos ( In a line that brings us to mind names like Randy Rhoads and Jake E. Lee). The only sin of the band really is in the vocal lines, since they are not 100% compatible with the sonority of the group. And this needs to be remedied, putting a greater dose of aggressiveness.

Bassist Caio and guitarist Gisele did the work of sound engineering and production, and Gisele still mastered. The sound is good, with well-audible instruments and good timbres. But it needs to be improved, because it's sounding a little raw beyond what is necessary. And the cover art and layout are also by Gisele (this girl is really talented in many ways), and she looked great, showing elements of interesting cultural diversity.

Although not seeking to be innovative, EDEN SEED shows that it has potential, and a lot. The instrumental part of the band is perfect, solid and presents first arrangements. But as already said, the vocals need to adapt urgently to what the musical work of the quartet. It may even be a recording problem, but even so, a little more aggressiveness will do wonders.

The aggressive and heavy riffs of "Return" seduce us already at first audition, and then there's a virtuous solo (without being that shred thing to and fro); And "Spirit in Hell" already features that strength of a cadenced and strong rhythm with bass and drums shown their importance within the musicality of the group.

Acting the recording (since the band is already preparing the first album), and the singer is better suited to what the group asks, is guaranteed success.

Oh yes, I need to talk about two things:

1. EDEN SEED is a metal band, and the personal faith of guitarist Gisele has little or nothing to do with the group's musical / lyric question. So, stick to music only;

2. The EP is available on Youtube."

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