domingo, 26 de março de 2017

The Terrified Society

The "war" against crimes denominated by the media as acts of terrorism is a failed war, because it fuels chaos, favors groups that foment this type of criminal act, serves the purposes of groups on all sides who are benefited with the carnage, and does not combat the root of the great social problem that leads a multitude of people to become vulnerable and predisposed to practice these acts. Just as the fight against drug trafficking, which is always bound to fail, as the recent history of human society demonstrates, this fight against what is termed "terrorism" is stupid, brutal, and very inefficient. Worse, it contaminates mankind's fragile capacity for reasoning today, which, responding in the expected way given the limited capacity and current intellectual regression, further worsens the problem, and collaborates with all groups that, in the clear dispute for political power And economic, benefit from the chaos in which we live today

First, we need to look at two aspects of this issue in a heartfelt way: the first aspect is precisely the fact that people are led to use the term "terrorism" only for the abominable acts of guerrilla groups from the Middle East, which by itself is already an expression of prejudice, a great malaise of humanity today. Unfortunately, these acts are being practiced by countless groups from all places, societies, nationalities, and always the victims are civilians, innocent dead, ordinary citizens, countries, cities, men, women, children, the elderly, who They were only caring for their own lives, they were just living, and they were torn from their living in a brutal, violent, disgusting way.

The following aspect to be analyzed is common to the alleged fight against drug trafficking: who, or after, which groups, from all sides, which benefit from all this ignorance, with all this tragedy? Because both alleged "combats" are in fact great tragedies that are victimizing innocents and causing the loss of thousands of lives. Both are making blood spurt on the earth...

As for the groups that, in any case, whether on their own initiative or by order of third parties on other sides of the matter who feed on this spilled blood, what feeds them in terms of human factor is precisely MISERY, DESPAIR, EXCLUSION, The LACK OF HUMAN PERSPECTIVE ... All this is the result of a dirty game, played behind the scenes of power, and that has as one of the main vehicles the CORRUPTION.

It is clear that these acts, like the most recent, practiced against London citizens, NOTHING HAS TO SEE WITH RELIGION. However, the world population is led to think so! That these acts are "religious." That it is the fault of Religion A, or B, when this, in fact, has nothing to do with Religion at all. Some time ago, someone asked me why the "Muslim" countries do not help the people of Syria. First, there is no Muslim country in the world. Secondly, the conflict in Syria has nothing to do with Religion at all, and this becomes clear when one has the lucidity of simply taking a map and perceiving the strategic and unique geographic position of Syria, a country that precisely The fundamental trade route between Asia, and Europe, and hence the whole world! Moreover, that there is a dictator in power, who succeeded his father, another dictator. Who finances all this? Who finances both sides of the conflict? Who benefits from keeping the dictator in power? In addition, who would benefit from his downfall? We need to ask these questions.

So we must break the misguided view that there is the West and the East. This does not exist! There is a SINGLE planet, called Earth, and a species is destroying this planet... the human species! Errors and greed are massacring humanity!

We must overcome this misguided vision! If we do not do this, if we do not evolve as a species, we are going to destroy the entire planet, and we will lead to extinction!

If we can achieve this evolution, then we can see that as long as there are entire populations in the world victimized by HUNGER, PRECONCEPTION, SOCIAL EXCLUSION, DESPISE, DESPISE, TOTAL LACK OF PERSPECTIVE, FUTURE, there will be terrorism. There will be deaths, conflicts, fear, anger, hatred, and cowardice.

Because people who become "soldiers" of these obscure groups who seek nothing more than geopolitical and economic power, and are willing to give their precious life (and soul, to those who have faith), taking with them hundreds and sometimes Thousands of people, blowing bombs, these people are brought to this precisely by HUNGER, PRECONCEPTION, SOCIAL EXCLUSION, DESPAIR, DESPISE, TOTAL LACK OF PERSPECTIVE, FUTURE!

Break it, and you will break the only source that provides the human element of these groups! If there is INCLUSION, DIALOGUE, BETTER CONDITIONS OF LIFE, FOOD, PEACE, FUTURE, there will be no way for these cowardly groups to exist. In addition, I regret to inform you that there is no other way, and this whole insanity will only end when humanity is able to perceive this...

It's like fighting drug trafficking! It only serves to strengthen and help the traffic cartels! In the same way, this expression of imbecility that is the fight against the so-called "terrorism" only serves to perpetuate and strengthen these groups!

We need evolution, because humanity is walking the wrong way.

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