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Eden Seed releases Metal album recorded by a muslim guitarist

Age Of Creation has ten songs in the classic style of bands such as Judas Priest, Ozzy Osbourne and Sepultura

Eden Seed, band founded by guitarist Gisele Marie Rocha, are releasing their first heavy/thrash metal album entitled Age Of Creation on April 24, 2018. It is also the first heavy/thrash metal act in the world recorded by a muslim guitarist who uses islamic clothing known as the niqab, leaving only her eyes visible.

The album features ten songs in the metal style of bands such as Judas Priest, Sepultura and Ozzy Osbourne - but also goes further, bringing together eclectic influences from electronic music, country (with the special participation of brazilian guitarist Guto Vighi) and even brazilian rhythms.

Despite guitarist Gisele Marie being a muslim, the band does not deal with Islamic themes in their music. "There is no consensus on music within Islam, and when there is no consensus, you follow what has more to do with you", accounts Gisele. The names of both the album and the band are references to the movie Noah, based on the traditional stories about the flood, and the songs feature lyrics full of social and political criticism.

In this album, Eden Seed also features drummer Marcos Henrique, vocalist Luis Henrique and bassist and producer Matheus Manente, who was in charge of all studio work, using exclusively analog equipment and tube amps that gave the songs an organic, warm tone that truly stands out among other modern, cold and digital albums.

Age Of Creation is being distributed by the label Vmbrella and will be available on all major virtual stores and streaming services on April 24, 2018.

About Eden Seed: Founded in 2016 by guitarist Gisele Marie Rocha after she left Spectrus, Eden Seed approaches heavy/thrash metal music with diverse and eclectic artistic influences, gaining notoriety for the fact that Gisele is the only muslim guitarist wearing niqab in the world, breaking stereotypes and making constant appearances in media channels such as Portal G1 (Brazil), New York Post (United States), BBC (England), Le Temps (France), India Times (India) and many others.

Official website: www.eden-seedband.com 
Press office: HEAVY AND HELL PRESS: renatoj40@gmail.com / http://heavyandhellpress.com.br/

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