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Randy Rhoads - Posthumous and unfinished guitars ...

This is the same previous post, but written in English, ok?... =)

Yes I know: this blog is becoming a blog where I just talk about guitars, okay? =)

But, well I'm a guitarist, and as a guitarist I came back to live only now, but yes I've always been passionate about music and guitars, I made it my life and my job, and when I'm rediscovering me as a guitarist, so when I think in a lot about... guitars, okay? =)

And I really love Randy Rhoads, okay?

Well, I participate in various discussion groups on the Internet about Randy. And a photo of this guitar was posted on a facebook group.

This guitar was made for Randy and it would be delivered to him at the end of the  Diary of a Madman tour, but unfortunately he died during the tour as everyone knows, so he did´nt receive this guitar.

The whereabouts of this guitar was unknown until a collector was able to identify her in the middle of his guitar collection.

It´s a white with gold hardware, Zebra pickups type and inverted shark fin inlays.

Then someone posted a comment on about this guitar, saying it was sold by mistake during an exhibition, and I was reminded of another guitar that was sold during the 1998 NAMM under the same conditions, but the guitar was BLACK and not WHITE, and it was fitted with a Syncronized type bridge (Fender Stratocaster model).

I remember I had this article about the guitar here in my house, because I'm a collector of pictures and articles and magazines and everything that refers to Randy Rhoads. I collect a lot of time and have an original photo of him that I never saw being published, this photo is inside the case of my Jackson Randy Rhoads RR1.

I looked around the house but could not find the article. I only found 3 photos of this guitar that I saved from a site that was then called JACKSONCHARVELWORLD.

This site is still there but I could not find the article on it. (www.jacksoncharvelworld.net)

So, right here are three photos of the guitar, which was then called "The Unfinished" and the story that I remember about it.

This guitar was being made ​​to Randy Rhoads when he died. So it remained unfinished, and stored in Jackson.

In 1998, according to the article I read, Grover Jackson took her to be exposed at NAMM that year. She was taken just like that, without being terminated in the state it was in when Randy's death was reported.

She was supposed to only be exposed as part of Jackson's stand, not for sale.

In the article I read about this guitar, Grover said one afternoon he left the stand for a coffee, and left an employee of Jackson taking over the stand. Meanwhile, the employee without knowing anything about the guitar, eventually sold it to Rob Lane, who also collected guitars.

Since the sale had been made, even by mistake, then Grover Jackson and Mike Shannom finished assembling the guitar exactly as it would be mounted for Randy. and she looked like this:

And here in this photo, we see Mike Shannom with it in hand, after assembled.

So what I know about this guitar is that it was being made for Randy when he died, and she remained unfinished from 1982 until 1998 when it was sold to Rob Lane by mistake during NAMM that year. Then, in 1998, Grover Jackson and Mike Shannom finished assembling it to Rob Lane.

Okay? =)

Salam =)

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